Why do we use storytelling?

Storytelling is a powerful way to inspire and to show the work God is doing in our communities.

When we are able to show the faces of those effected by crisis, tell their stories of hardship and victory, we will also be sharing God’s goodness. In order to help effectively communicate the stories of others, we have provided resources to aid in the preparation process, as well as best practices to help you along the way.

Interview Questions

When interviewing to tell a story, it can be easy to walk away with unanswered questions. Preparing a list of questions you want to ask beforehand can help you get all of the answers you need to tell the story, as well as help guide the conversation in a direction that will be most helpful.

Video Story Best Practices

Video Storytelling allows you to put a face and a voice to the message you want to get across. It requires understanding on how to tell a compelling story, how to keep the audience engaged, and how to format the video.

How Video Story Telling Works and Why It’s a Powerful Marketing Tool by Outbrain

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Video Storytelling Platforms

Other Resources

  • Temi – Video Transcript Service

Written Story Best Practice

30 Tips for Nonprofit Storytelling by Donorbox

How to Tell a Story Worksheet by Classy

Photo Story Best Practices

7 Ideas for Better Photos by Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Photo Storytelling Tips by Classy

Media Release Forms

Updated on March 1, 2021

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