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Sending an email newsletter out to your supporters can be an opportunity to update them on your organization, sharing upcoming volunteer opportunities, and even allowing for a chance to donate.

Best Practices

Content Ideas

  • Organization Updates – photos and updates on what you have been up to since you last sent a newsletter. This can be volunteer events, meeting a family in need, a food drive, etc.
  • Family Story – Introducing a family you are assisting or has been welcomed back into their home. Visit the Storytelling resources to find the best practices and tips.
  • Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities – Whether you are hosting a food and supply drive or helping a family recovering from a disaster, this is your chance to tell your supporters how they can continue to support you.
  • Social Media Content – If you are active on social media, this is a great time to share content you have posted to keep your supporters up to date. Encourage them to follow you on any platforms you are active on as well.
  • Donation Button – Sharing a button or link encouraging your supporters to donate is one of the most important parts of a newsletter. The content examples listed above will help the donor see what cause they are supporting and where their money is going.

What to Put in Your Newsletters

Subject Lines

List Building

TIP: It is important that you do not add anyone to your email list without asking permission.

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Updated on July 18, 2022

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