Coalition Leadership Guide

DOWNLOAD the full Coalition Leadership Guide or access the individual sections of the guide below.

The foundation of a local church coalition is local leadership. Leadership takes different forms in the various stages of coalition development. DOWNLOAD
Champion Team
The initial stage of coalition formation begins with a small group of local church leaders who serve as the champion team. DOWNLOAD
Launch Team
The launch team’s task is entrepreneurial, essentially leading the start-up phase of the coalition. DOWNLOAD
Leadership Team: Overview
The leadership team’s role is to fulfill the essential functions of a sustainable long-term coalition. DOWNLOAD
Leadership Team: Structure
With the help of The Church Responds, the leadership team discerns its optimal structure, typically made up of a leadership team and various workgroups. DOWNLOAD
Leadership Team: Roles
Clear roles that fulfill the essential functions are important for a successful team (Oversight, Engagement, Communications, Convening, Collaboration, Data Management, Financial Management, Operations, Advisor). DOWNLOAD
Leadership Team: Functions
Select a team function below to download the function’s overview. Additional information related to the leadership team functions can be found at the bottom of this section.

Data Management
Financial Management
Operations (Optional)

Additional Information:
Convening: Annual Rhythm
Convening: Regular Gathering Agendas
Convening: Special Gathering Agendas
Convening: Annual & Fundraising Gathering Agendas
Data Management: Local Church Data Collection
The Church Responds Advisor
The Church Responds provides an advisor to facilitate, coach, and resource leadership teams. DOWNLOAD
The Church Responds Support
The Church Responds provides support to coalitions including knowledge, programs, communications/branding, data management, accounting, human resources, insurance, collaboration, and advising. DOWNLOAD
The Church Responds Staff
Thomasina Burns, Director of Programs / Coalition Advisor

Irvin Clark, Racial Reconciliation Advisor

Colleen Henneke, Director of Finance & Administration

Deanna Poehlman, Project Coordinator

Tommy Rosson, Executive Director

Jeff Schulz, Director of Coalitions

Tammi Scott, Coalition Advisor

Duane Theriot, Director of Communications

Matthew Topper, Coalition Advisor
Updated on November 16, 2021

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