Office Guidelines


Consider the following questions and ideas in developing a general strategy to safely reopen church offices and bring staff back on campus. 

  1. Follow CDC (and other government agency) guidelines whenever possible.
  2. What expectations should the staff have of their employer in regard to creating and maintaining a reasonably “safe” and healthy work environment?
  3. What expectations should the employer have of their staff in regard to supporting the employer’s efforts to maintain a reasonably “safe” and healthy work environment?
  4. Will the employer want to define items #2 and #3 in a document to be formally provided to (and acknowledged by) each employee before they return to work?
  5. What sanitation/hygiene materials should the employer plan to provide?  Materials such as:
    • Disposable masks & gloves
    • Hand sanitizer in common areas & desktops
    • Sanitizing wipes in common areas & desktops
    • Thermometers
  6. What hygiene and safety guidelines will staff, visitors, and congregants be required to follow?
  7. What specific planning actions should the employer undertake to ensure a reasonably safe work environment? Actions such as:
    • Determining the proper density of staff office areas considering your particular office environment
    • Decide if the church will allow free access to buildings by the general public, or by appointment only
    • Should protective shields or other measures be taken at reception desks, welcome counters, etc.
    • Decide if staff schedules are to be formalized and published
    • Sign-in/Sign-out system​


Updated on May 23, 2022

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