Disaster Response Coordinator (DRC)

What is a Disaster Response Coordinator (DRC)?

The disaster response coordinator (DRC) serves as the liaison for disaster readiness and response between your congregation and your disaster response coalition to help facilitate effective communication and coordination.

The DRC acts as the key contact between your coalition and your congregation by…

  • Following communication from your coalition
  • Connecting with your coalition’s leadership
  • Sharing information with your congregation
  • Participating in periodic DRC meetings

The DRC coordinates your congregation’s participation in disaster response by…

  • Helping Identify how you will respond
  • Arranging for volunteers to serve
  • Offering training for volunteers
  • Forming a disaster response team

Downloadable One Pager

DRC Communication

In the following video, you will get a better idea at the communications role that the disaster response coordinator will play in the coalition.

DRC Coordination

DRC Resources

  • DRC: Serving Your Mission [VIDEO] – Pastor Hannah White shares her experience after incorporating a DRC in their mission after Hurricane Harvey.
  • DRC Promotional Videos – Two 90 second versions are available
    Video A
    Video B

Updated on November 16, 2020

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