Streaming Online Worship

In times of crisis, you may find your congregation needs to stream Sunday services online. Here are some best tools and practices.

Online Streaming Tools

Six Free Live Video Stream Sites to Watch and Upload Real-Time Events
This article walks through the top six FREE live video stream sites available and how to utilize each of the platforms to make it work best for you and your congregation.

1. YouTube Live
2. Facebook Live
3. Instagram Live
4. Periscope/Twitter
5. Twitch
6. LinkedIn Live

Equipment for Any Budget

Getting Started with Chuch Online Equipment
Most congregations will use one of the above platforms to make streaming easy and seamless for both themselves and their congregants. This article walks through equipment that can be used to stream online in any budget.

How to Use Facebook Live

Utilizing social media platforms is a great way to stream your services online for free. Facebook Live is an easy to use tool that can be accessed by phone, tablet, or computer. This video provides a step-by-step process of how to best use the Facebook Live tool.

Updated on August 18, 2020

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