How Your Church Can Participate

Outreach:  Identifying people in need

Many people needing assistance remain unidentified. Your coalition mobilizes volunteers to identify people in need by visiting with neighbors, distributing flyers, consulting with community organizations, and hosting community gatherings.

Advocacy: Caring for people in need

Many people affected by Hurricane Harvey struggle with personal, spiritual, financial, and other challenges. Your coalition mobilizes volunteers who personally care for these individuals and families, and who connect them with resources to fill unmet needs.  

Rebuild: Repairing damaged homes

Many of our neighbors lack the resources to repair their flood-damaged homes.  Your coalition mobilizes volunteers to participate in all aspects of home repair. Both skilled and non-skilled volunteers are welcome.  Training is provided, as well as all equipment and materials.

Hospitality: Caring for volunteers

Volunteers need support as well. Providing snacks, lunch or refreshments can make a big difference on a work project. Coalitions hosting out-of-town volunteers welcome any help churches can give with providing accommodations, meals, and transportation.   

Communications: Identifying a liaison

An essential element of disaster response and preparedness is good communication. Coalition churches provide a volunteer “disaster response coordinator” to receive and give information about volunteer opportunities, and to coordinate volunteer participation.

Leadership: Guiding the coalition

Building an effective coalition requires a strong leadership team representing the diversity of the community and its churches. Coalition churches recommend people with the particular gifts and skills needed for effective board leadership.

Resources: Investing in the work

Your coalition provides the resources, expertise and staffing necessary for sustainable disaster response and preparedness through the generous gifts of others. Participating churches may offer financial support, in-kind donations and volunteer services to invest in the work.


Updated on November 12, 2020

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