Homeowner Disaster Resources

Below you can find gathered resources to support both homeowner preparedness and recovery. To better help our families in recovery, we have included basic overviews on damage assessments, checklists, and more.

Homeowner General Information

SBP has developed resources to support both homeowner preparedness and recovery, based on years of experience helping families and communities rebuild as well as the expertise of their partners.

Resources include:
 Homeowner Preparedness Resource Guide & Checklist
 Mold Remediation Guide
 Information on working with your insurance company post-disaster
 Information and best practices on working with contractors and protecting against
contractor fraud

Renter General Information

Repair & Contractor Fraud

If your home suffered extensive damage from a disaster event, the cost to repair the structure may trigger your local municipality’s requirement to upgrade to current codes and standards. SBP provided an overview of this process: determining if your home is “substantially damaged,” and if so, what to do if you have to elevate your house and fix it to local code.

To protect against fraud and obtain quality service at a fair price, homeowners
must perform their due diligence when seeking and working with contractors.
If your house was damaged by a natural disaster and you seek a reputable
contractor to help with repairs and restoration, use these tips and checklists. *Available both in English and Spanish


After a natural disaster, most people depend on their homeowner’s insurance
policies to help restore their homes and lives to normal. In order to
shrink the time between disaster and recovery. We have provided some helpful
tips to consider when working with your insurance company.

Updated on February 22, 2021

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