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How to Prepare an Emergency Preparedness Kit

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Prepare a House Evacuation Plan

Document Your Inventory

Inventory Lists of Equipment–  As a business, keeping an account of your physical assets is important for insurance purposes. In the event of a flood, fire, theft, damage or loss, you want to ensure that you’re protected. Creating an office inventory list will assist in keeping a record of your company’s insurable assets.

Data to Collect

  • Receipts of anything purchased
  • Photos and/or videos of belongings
  • Date of Purchase
  • Item / Brand / Description
  • Serial Number

One of the most helpful ways to keep track of your inventory is to take a photo and/or video of what you have. Taking photos before disaster, as well as AFTER. Be sure to take photos BEFORE repair work is done to show full scope of damage.

Apps Recommended to Track Inventory
Forbes top-recommended home inventory apps for Android or iOS mobile devices include:

  • Encircle
    A picture-driven app for storing photos, purchase date, price, model, and serial number details for home inventory. Apple | Android
  • Home Contents
    Use Home Contents to quickly produce an accurate and complete estimate of your belongings. Apple Only
Congregation Plans

Congregational Crisis Response Plan Template

Insure Your Home through the National Flood Insurance Program


If you live in Houston, you should have flood insurance. Homeowners and Renter’s insurance will not cover damage from flooding caused by heavy rain, river, creek and bayou overflows. Flood insurance is relatively cheap – but can save you a lot of money when you’re affected by flooding.

Register for Evacuation Assistance


The State of Texas Emergency Assistance Register (STEAR) provides residents an opportunity to register for assistance in the event of a disaster. Any resident may register for assistance under the STEAR program if they have any condition, healthcare need, or situation that would require additional assistance during an emergency. More Info Here

Determine Your Risk Level for Flooding


Do you live in a flood plain?  Aren’t sure?  Visit the Flood Education Mapping Tool website, plug in your address and figure out your risk level for flooding.

Signup for Rainfall & Water Level Alerts


Get rainfall or water level alerts by text or email for specific gage locations in your area.

Registering Your Congregation with Crisis Cleanup


Be prepared to respond to the needs or your neighbors. Crisis Cleanup helps volunteers help more people after disasters. It is a free collaborative, disaster work-order management platform for all relief and community organizations. Survivors call for help cleaning up property. Local volunteer groups and churches claim a case, contact the homeowner, clean up, then mark the case “Closed.” Everyone can see what everyone else is doing. Only vetted, reputable organizations may participate.

Monitor Rainfall & Water Level Conditions


The Harris County Flood Warning Systeminteractive map provides residents with information on the levels of creeks, streams and rivers in Harris County (and some surrounding areas). This information is continually updated during storms and can help residents determine stream levels near them.

Updated on June 1, 2022

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